Printed full colour double sided business cards for Seat Cred UK

Seat Cred – New Skin for Tired Seats

Transforming seats for a new lease of life!

Seat Cred UK in Crewe professionally repair, update and recover damaged, outdated and worn out seats. Offering a wide range of seat and upholstery trim recovering services for cars, vans, restaurants, pubs and bespoke furniture.

After an initial consultation it was clear Lee wanted a striking logo to standout and provide him with a strong identity going forward. He was keen to have a fresh, clean image for his company, starting with his logo design.

The ‘S’ for Seat Cred was styled to be the side profile of a car seat while the remainder of the ‘S’ was completed with the snake. It’s well known snakes shed their skins, the changing/recovering of the seats worked well with this concept.

Pictured above shows the Seat Cred logo design displayed on the printed business cards. The business card design was kept modern and clear with the emphasis on the craftsmanship in the photographs. The ghosting of the ‘S’ on the reverse of the business cards looks effective but doesn’t overpower the images and services listed.

Learn more about Seat Cred UK on their Facebook page.

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