Canine Magnetix logo
Canine Magnetix logo
Canine Magnetix flags and roller banner
Canine Magnetix flags and roller banner

Canine Magnetix design work

Logo Design

About Canine Magnetix

Canine Magnetix design and manufacture magnetic therapy dog coats and collars. The magnets help to provide better blood flow for natural pain relief from arthritis, stiffness, muscle injuries and other conditions. The magnetic coats and collars are ideal for sporty dogs and for dogs with conditions and injuries. 

The Logo Explained

The Canine Magnetix® logo was designed to be in keeping with the Equine Magnetix® logo, so both use the same fonts, colours and have a circular symbol. The logo portrays the fun and active side to dogs by using the silhouette of a dog performing a play bow. Combined with the circular swirls which surround the dog this helps to convey flow and movement, while also subtly indicating the letter ‘c’. The logo is very flexible and can be displayed in portrait or landscape.

A selection of work designed and printed include:

Business Stationery: Business Cards, Letterheads and Compliments Slips.

Marketing Literature: Brochure, Leaflets, Posters, Folder Covers and Spines, Product Sheets, Labels and more.

Magnetic dog coat and collar retail packaging designed with instructions on how to use the products.

The Canine Magnetix® logo and strapline has been applied to workwear tops and coats.

Indoor Displays

Designed and printed 3×2 pop up stand, eurostand pop counter, zeus case wrap and roller banner.

Outdoor Displays

Branded flag to attach to gazebo or use standalone, outdoor banners and A-board graphics.

Product photography for marketing literature, packaging and website.

The website allows the client to edit/add text, images, pages and products.