Print Artwork Guidelines

Read our guidelines and tips below for how to correctly supply print ready artwork.

Colours & Images

Full colour print ready files should be supplied in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black), below are common issues to avoid:

  • Ensure black text is set as 100% K and not made up of CMYK
  • Convert all RGB and Spot colours/images to CMYK
  • Use high resolution images/photos at 300dpi actual size for best results

File Formats & Tips

Supply a press ready file, preferred formats include PDF (PDF X1a or PDF 1.3), jpeg, tiff or eps.

  • Design artwork actual size (100%) including bleed
  • Embed fonts or convert fonts to paths
  • Artwork with multiple pages to be in page order (front to back)
  • All lines need to be a minimum of .25pt
  • Flatten all layers to background layer

Print Templates

Templates of each print product can be downloaded as pdfs, each clearly showing:

  • Bleed size – normally a minimum of 2mm to all sides
  • Finished size – the final size of the print once cut to size
  • Safe zone – keep text at least 4mm away from the finished size

Bleed Size

Bleed provides tolerance for movement when trimming stacks of printed sheets in production. If you want images or colours to run to the edge of your finished product add a minimum of 2mm bleed to all edges, failure to do this will result in white lines due to cutting tolerances. Do not use borders too close to the finished size on artwork, slight variations during finishing can make the printed artwork look misaligned after trimming.

Finished Size

The printed stack of sheets are trimmed/cut to the finished size.

Safe Zone

Important text and images need to be keep within the safe zone. Failing to do this could see text/images trimmed off during finishing.

Need Print Advice?

For more help and advice contact us today, we’ll be happy to help.